There are lots of attacks. The attacks accords with the races. They are used to win a battle. Without attacks the player is useless. You can only choose one attack every level

List of attacks/racesEdit

-Attack- Instant = 1HP 0MP

-Charge- Instant = 0HP +1MP


From left to right: Fireball, Obsidian, Fire wall, Lava flow, Blaze

-Fireball- 8 dots = one dot = 5HP 1MP

-Obsidian- Make a 2x2 square = blocking 2MP

-Fire wall- Make a 1x5 wall = 2 HP if hit 2MP

-Lava flow- Draw 2 seconds = 3 HP 2MP

-Blaze- Make a 2x2 BG of fire = hit while evade = 2 HP 3MP


From left to right: Freeze, Wave, Water blast, Ice ground, Cool down

-Freeze- Make a + = freezing 2MP

-Wave- Draw 1 second = 4HP 2MP

-Water blast- Draw straight line ONLY = 5HP 1MP

-Ice ground- Make 2x2 square BG of ice (in your box) = heal 1HP 3MP

-Cool down Get 4MP


From left to right: Kick, Evade, Block, Rocks, Thorns

-Kick- Instant = 2HP 0MP

-Evade- Escape any attacks = 2MP

-Block- Every opponent’s round +1HP = 2MP (2 opponent rounds)

-Rocks- Make 5 dots = blocking 2MP

-Thorns- Make 3 dots = one dot 6HP 2MP


From left to right: Arrow, Bomb, Gravity, Eagle, Fire

-Arrow- Make 3 1x2 lines = one arrow 3HP 2MP

-Bomb- Make 2x2 square = 2HP 3MP

-Gravity- Make 5x5 any gravity = 3MP

-Eagle- Call eagle = 5MP

1.Put in your box = serve as additional attack (+1HP to every attack)

2.Put on OPP box = 4HP

-Fire- Burn effect (instant)

Ultimate AttacksEdit

Ultimate Attacks are unlocked when you unlock all the other moves and have used all of them at least 5 times. There is one Ultimate Attack for each class. They are...

Arrowpocalypse - Elf - Draw 3 arrows. 12 DMG, 7 MP

Sheer Blizzard - Polar - Draw 10 basic teal blocks. Freezes the opponent for 2 turns and does 5 DMG, 8 MP

Heat Wave - Demon - Does 15 DMG, 8 MP

Falcon Combo - Human - The more players there are in a battle, the more damage this does. 6 DMG per player

However, one Ultimate Attack can be used per battle, so use them wisely.